Life is not always easy. And sometimes it’s always hard. But there is always a solution.


I am a licensed psychologist (Lic. 20043208A; licensed as Rebecca S. Reid) with a very small solo private practice in Bloomington, Indiana. I embrace people of all abilities, sizes, races, ethnicities, citizenships, religions, cultural, and sexual orientations, and respect individuals’ preferred gender identities. I believe identity is complex and fluid across time and that it is shaped by the wide range of experiences and social environments in which people live, grow, and interact with one another. Specifically, our experiences with power, privilege, and oppression influence how we see the world and how we view ourselves in it, and whether we experience resilience or trauma.

Simply stated, my goal as a therapist is to work with my clients to increase their resilience and reduce their trauma. Drawing from evidence-based strategies, I work primarily from feminist and Cognitive-Behavioral theoretical orientations. The therapeutic relationship matters greatly to me and I strive to foster an egalitarian, safe, and comfortable human connection with my clients. I am an active and non-judgemental listener and I hold deep empathy for the struggles of the human condition.

I specialize in working with women navigating academia (i.e., graduate students, researchers, and faculty) and autistic adult women. However, I have worked with individuals experiencing a wide range of psychological distress. The concerns I readily address in my practice include:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Life transitions and adjustment difficulties
  • School, career, and employment distress
  • Difficulties navigating college/graduate school/tenure track
  • Experiences of sexism, racism, and ableism, especially in academia
  • Identity issues, including ethnic, racial/multiracial identities, and gender identity
  • Matters of parenting and motherhood, including parenting children with disabilities
  • Navigating neurodiversity (Autism/Asperger’s)

If you would like to set up a phone or video consultation to discuss your therapy goals and determine if we are a good match, please send me a message.

Hopefully, Indiana will join the Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact (PSYPACT) next year, which would allow me to provide Telepsychology across state lines to clients in other PSYPACT states. For now, I am only able to work with clients currently living anywhere in the state of Indiana.